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WhatsApp Download is getting more complicated every day. There are thousands of websites, blogs, videos and forums that try to explain how to download and install WhatsApp the quickest way. On this website we collected all these information. In the near future you will have the opportunity to easily search for your device or operating system. You dan directly see whether your phone, tablet or any other device is suitable for WhatsApp Download!

WhatsApp Download is completely free during the first year. The first year serves as something like a trial period. During this trial period you can make unlimited use of WhatsApp Messenger. Do you want to continue using WhatsApp after the first year? No problem! You can just extend your WhatsApp subscription for a small amount about $1 for a year.

There are multiple different WhatsApp Download versions. Users of Android download a different version of WhatsApp Messenger compared to for example iPhone and Blackberry users. It is important that you select the right WhatsApp Download! The download of WhatsApp can be mostly done through the Application like the AppStore, Playstore, Windows Market etc. that is installed by default on your device most of the times. Good luck with WhatsApp Download for your device!

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“Google is working on Whatsapp competitor without a Google login”

Google is working on a new Whatsapp competitor where users do not have to log in with a Google account. This is written by The Economic Times based on anonymous sources involved in the development of the new app.The chat application would not arrive until 2015 and will have to compete with apps including Whatsapp. The […]

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Facebook completes WhatsApp acquisition

Facebook has officially completed the acquisition of WhatsApp. The European Union had to deal first approve and that has happened this week, so Facebook is nothing standing in the way. Striking detail is that the acquisition cost of nearly three billion dollars has risen because the share price of Facebook has gone up. Initially Facebook […]

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‘WhatsApp gets call feature and can record conversations’

Although currently especially looked forward to the iPhone 6 (Plus) version of WhatsApp, the popular messenger bigger plans than an update for new screen sizes. The promised feature to make VOIP calls is coming, with a twist. This bonus comes in the form of a voice logger, or the ability to telephone calls made via […]

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